Wednesday, August 10, 2011



Ok so, I want to apologize their HASNT been any postings =/ I've really actually hated my my blog because I want to provide the best pictures and quailty for you all to see for yourself and with the camera I have, it does no justices... BUT good news! I've been saving for a new camera, and yesterday I bought online a Nikon D5000. I heard this is the BEST! =P I love photography and I thought shoot... I might as well get the best anyways. So with this said, product photos and reviews will become a lot better and funner to look at then a boring picture. I will do my best to take good photos once my camera comes in the mail.

Future, I plan on getting a Table Top Studio for product photos, with the corrective lighting and everything. You guys have been wonderful! I do apologize I should have let you know about my plans eariler, BUT videos are still uploading pratically everyday =P

Thank You so much!
Krystal! <3

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SmashBox Muse Palette

SmashBox Muse pallete is wonderful for our artistic makeup guru's! lol The casing is sooo wonderful and amazing its hard not to look. (Our at least for it me is =P) They don't sell this palette anymore in smashbox stores or online. But I did manage to find it off of ebay! =P Ebay is AMAZING! lol

Now when you first look at the casing you would think, "Oh, a artist palette, soooo rainbow colors! Or primary colors!?" Well Nope! You get some nice brown shades, greens, blues, and purples! I have to admit I think they could have done better on choosing colors for a "Muse" palette, BUT I still love the colors that are in this palette! I love how they added a Wooden Brush to make it more artistic, but I think they still should have worked on the colors more =P

SWATCHES! Yayy, ok these are the swatches as you can see! White base I used was NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk! If you look above the white line you will still see the color pigment on skin. I did that so that way you can see how it is on a white base and off a white base. I do have to admit, they look better on a white base! Just makes the colors pop out and say "Hellooooo" more =P

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Let's Get Clean & Clear and Under Control!

The kit includes a 4 Oz. Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Cleanser, 2 Oz. Salicylic Acid Acne Medication Moisturizer, and a .5 Oz. Salicylic Acid Acne Medicine Treatment.

Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Control Kit provides clearer skin in as little as 1 day of use so the box says, so I had to check this out! For one day I tired it and OMG...I did see Improvement! With-in at least 5 days my skin was super clear-er that I didnt need to put a a foundation to cover up anything. Not only this is awesome because I dont have to wear foundation or cover up in summer, it makes my skin feel so good and like...ummm...FRESHER! This product is amazing!!!

Acne Control Cleanser: Wet face. Gently massage all over face for 20-30 seconds, avoiding eye area. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. (I normally do this while Im in the shower)
Acne Control Moisturizer: Cleanse thoroughly before applying medication. Cover the entire affected area with a thin layer one to three times daily. (I apply this once after I wash my face with the Acne Control Cleanser)
Fast Acting Spot Treatment: When you feel like a pimple or blemish is coming on just clean the skin thoroughly before applying medication. Cover the entire area where you can feel a pimple coming on with a thin layer one to three times daily. (For me it worked with only two applications)

Varies from $15.00 to $20.00 depending on your store.
Need help? Go to the Clean & Clear website and rint out their $5.00 OFF coupon =) Save some money!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

MAC Collection

So first off I do want to apologize for not posting as much stuff as I normally have been doing. My boyfriend and I just got a house and we have to have it ready to move in by the end of next week! >.< Need to say this house has been vacant for 15 years and its sooooo old and out dated/nasty. Major fixing a repairs. Sadly the hole house will not be done by the time we move it but at least the "import stuff" will be done =P (Bathroom, Living Room, Bedroom, and half the kitchen) So anyways, I just posted videos of my MAC Collection Ill put the links below here for you to check them out! I did these videos because someone had asked me to post what I have already so when I get new collections or new palletes or anything I can show you guys and then that way you already know what I have! =) Pretty smart of her. I just dont want no one complaining. I bought this with my own money and Ive saved for this for awhile! Thank You!

Here is the video for my MAC Palette Eyeshadow:

Here is the video for my MAC brushes, lipsticks, eyeliners, and lipglosses:

Here is the video fo rmy MAC eyeshadows in the pot's:

I will have the video up soon about my pigments, their was a error uploading them so I have to remake the video. But once it is posted I'll put it here! =)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sally Hansen - Marine Scene Nail Polish

Let's take a trip to the Marina to catch a glimse of the Marine Scene Nail Polish from Sally Hansen! Have a thing for the ocean? This nail polish is great for you! =P Or even if your favorite color is blue! XD Marine Scene is a bright vivid blue with a pearl base. Apply Three coats so you can achive this look like mine =) Sally Hansen has GREAT nail polish in so many colors, BUT it tends to dry slow. With some nice patience this color will surely be worth your while. Check it out at your nearest walmart for only $2.95. I give this product a four stars since it takes awhile to dry. =D Enjoy!

Sally Hansen - Ivy League Nail Polish

This nail polish is a pretty neon green that is a pearl base =) I applied this nail polish with three coats just to really make that green pop even more! Sally Hansen does take a little bit to dry but in the end, it is worth it! You can get this product at walmart for $2.95. Rating I will give it 4 stars, just because it takes awhile to dry =P

12 Benefits Hair Treatment Spray

Need 12 Benefits to make your hair awesome? Well you Got it! Introducting 12 Benfits hair product. This is one of my new favorites hair product. This product is worth a lot of wonders!
  • Seal hair color
  • Smooth frizz
  • Repair damage
  • Prevent split ends
  • Moisturize dry hair
  • Strengthen fragile hair
  • Prevent flat iron damage
  • Prevent chlorine, wind, and sun damage
  • Add shine, softness and a silky finish
  • Protect hair from blow-drying
  • Improve detangling and manageability
  • Keep hair youthful

A way to dramatically reverse the aged look and feel of hair. It will help doing 12 benefits your hair will needed fromt he damage from environmental factors. This spray does all of this and still keeps hair soft, smooth, and keeps that healthy glow seen in youthful hair while adding the strength needed to keep hair in the best shape possible.

Where To Get It?
I have recieved this product from ebeautyonline off of ebay! Great products! 100% REAL! Free Shipping, and if you purshace from her, you can recieve a FREE gift by leaving a note in the "Message To Seller" box saying "Cosmetic Passion" =)
Should I Buy It?
YES without a doubt! I uses this product daily and it works amazing! Instead of adding a shine product, heat protect spray, conditing spray, frizz control.... JUST uses this bottle and it will do it all! (12 Benefits! =P)  

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Phyto Professional Fiber Paste Strong Hold

Phyto Professional Fiber Paste

This Professional Fiber Paste provides a Strong fiber elastic paste with a Strong hold to your hair. The structure of a strong gel that flexible to rework your style. From just simply pulling your hair back to a fancy up-do, this paste will keep the hold for hours and leave your hair looking like nothing is in. This paste is a strong gel that when applied to your hair it looks like you didn't apply any products, basically leaving you hair natural! I use this product when I pull my hair back and when I style for some volume and to get those pain in the butt little hairs that wont corporate in styling lol

Where to buy?
I have recieved this product from ebeautyonline off of ebay! Great products! 100% REAL! Free Shipping, and if you purshace from her, you can recieve a FREE gift by leaving a note in the "Message To Seller" box saying "Cosmetic Passion" =)

Should I Buy It?
YES! But only if you know how to work with paste products. This is similuar to a gel hold but different texture to work with. I will say this product is worth buying! You can always play with it to get used to its texture if you are new to paste gel. If you already know how to work with this paste, then this product is wonderful! Hold is amazing and it leaves your hair looking natural!


Phyto Rx Express - Intense Hydration Kit

Phyto Rx Express -
Intense Hydration Kit

Add the Splash of Hydration back into your dry damage hair plus keeping its color! This 2-part treatment designed to moisturize and soften parched hair while keeping its color in. Phytojoba Shampoo and Mask are infused with plant-based  ingredients that rebuild elasticity, bounce and life back to your hair. Phyto is also providing the shine back into your hair! Great for dry/damage hair. Bottle sizes are about Travel-Size so you can take this prouct on the go! This product has last me about 2 weeks. My hair feels soft and smooth again after the pain undurment my hair had to go through with bleaching and hair color dying =P

Where to buy?
I have recieved this product from ebeautyonline off of ebay! Great products! 100% REAL! Free Shipping, and if you purshace from her, you can recieve a FREE gift by leaving a note in the "Message To Seller" box saying "Cosmetic Passion" =)

Should I Buy It?
YES! If you are like me and dying you hair a lot! I would say this product is for you! This Treatment is amazing and it works! This also kept my color in longer and last awhile!


Friday, July 1, 2011

Wet N Wild - I Dream Of Greenie

Wet N Wild - I Dream Of Greenie

This eyeshadow trio palette from Wet N Wild is AMAZING! The eyelid green is soo neon-ish bright! Perfect color for if you really want to stand out their and say "Hello!" The crease color is a nice grassy green tone that really brings out the neon green! Now for the eyebrown bone color, Its like a pastel green. I personally dont like it. I use it more of a tearduct color instead of an eyebrow color because my skin tone it makes me look ummm not so good. Its not my cup of tea. GREAT color just not great my my brow bone.

How to Apply:
Basically the product speaks for itself! lol Where you put the colors is label and pressed on the eyeshadow. So the one that says eyelid you put ont he eyelid and so on... =P

How Much?
At Walmart


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Brocato Big Easy Volumizing Dry Shampoo

Brocato Big Easy Volumizing Dry Shampoo

Two Words...Think BIG!

Refresh your style within seconds. Brocato Big Easy Dry Shampoo is a dry shampoo that creates huge volume as it absorbs excess oil and product build-up. No water, no fuss! This is basically like a hairspray without the junkie hold to get that big volume! Bonus, it washes your hair as well! =P This product is great for our "tree huggers" (I am one) to save our planet and save water! hehe Without taking a shower, (because you have the urg to not need to because we stay clean =P) you can just spray this in your hair and it will get ride of all the build-up and mess in your hair.

Where To Get This Product:
ebeautyonline It's  $16.95 with FREE Shipping! Also if you buy from her , in the message to seller box type in "cosmetic passion" and you will recieve a FREE gift!

Star Rating:

Hard Candy Primer Base


I had heard a lot of people rave about the Hard Candy Sheer Envy face primer, but was really skeptical about the results being that one its cheap and two you can only get it at walmart. It surprised me, and I think I’ve found my favorite foundation primer. It's not omg status like "Primer Potion" or "Two Face" but it’s close enough for me and does its job good! I've heard a lot of people also use this as a foundation primer, but eh I use it more as a eyeshadow primer. Maybe in the winter I will test this out as a foundation primer, so their is not much on my face in the summer time! =P

How To Use:
When you first squeeze this product out you are gonna think ewwie! But once you apply it onto your eyelids (or face) it glinds on sooooo smooth! Make sure you apply only a thin layer, if you apply a lot, it will start to crease and get all yuckie. For eyelids I would use like 1/4th size of your pinky finger. (Very little!) For foundation size I would recommend a pea-size and it will spread through-out your face =) Just that little is all you really need for it to work its magic. Wait a few seconds for it to dry before you apply your eyeshadow and/or foundation.

How Much?
At our Walmart it cost me $9.00 plus tax.
I can only seem to find it at walmart thought or online.
This is def worth $9.00 because its such a big bottle of it too! 1.6oz.

Out of Five Stars:

Sorry for Late Delay!

Hello! I just want to say sorry I haven't been paying much attention to this blog. My boyfriend and I just got house and we are doing MAJOR repairs! No one has lived in it for 15 years, so it has the cool old retro carpet =P But most funny thing in the house was the wall paper! Two bedroom has the pretty princess wall paper and the other bedroom had like christmas tree wall paper.. weird! lol The master bedroom was just plain wall paper, booo haha jk jk. But anywho this house needs a lot of love! Its getting torn down to cement, walls, bathrooms redone! OMG speaking of bathroom! One bathroom which is a 3/4 bath was orange and red tile! No joke! haha The bathroom in the "kids bedrooms" is literally pink and purple! haha Ok so before I babble off on sooo much horror of this house, Ill end it up with a sorry! Things are going back up in the swing of time! =D 

Friday, June 17, 2011

GIVEAWAY! $50 MAC Gift Card!

Hi! Im having a giveaway right now! =P The giveaway will end 3 days after I hit 250 subbies on my youtube channel!

Here are the rules:
1. Must be a suscriber on my youtube channel:

Ways To Enter:
1. Leave a comment on my video, saying what you would buy at MAC with the gift card? (Equals One Entry!)

2. Follow My Blog! (Which you already are here just click follow. Then Leave a Comment on my blog then saying what you would buy at MAC with the gift card?) (Equals 5 Entrys)

3. Follow Me On Twitter!!/CosmeticPassion You must mention cosmeticpassion in your tweet and tweet about me having my MAC $50 dollar giveaway! (Equals 5 entrys)

4. Make a video responce about what your favortie summer look is and why, also mention again what you would buy from MAC with your giftcard! (NOTE: I will be checking if you video is private, needs to be public!) Needs to have my channel name in the title of the video and also marked that it was for my giveaway =) (Equals 10 entrys)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bareminerals Smoky Eye - Lession 1

Hello doing another review for Bareminerals and a product I have recieved from ebeautyonline. This shop is off of ebay! ANNNND is 100% REAL! Great Prices and FREE SHIPPING! Chick > Bareminerals Turtorial Smoky Eye Lesson One < Chick! =)

Here are photos of this product!

BareMinerals - Pure Happyness Collection

When I first started wearing makeup, I wore bareminerals, but it became pretty expensive even for just the foundation. I had recieved a make-over at a BareMinerals store and just for a foundation kit, and two SMALL eyeshadows I spent $75 bucks! I really like their eyeshadows and foundation, so a couple weeks ago I searched Bareminerals on ebay. Yes I know EBAY! =) I found this awesome shop that has great prices! Ebay shop Name is ebeautyonline! Check it out!


Wet N' Wild "I'm Feeling Retro" Trio Set

So their has been questions about the Wet N' Wild Trio Set's. I've bought a couple that I would have consider buying because of the colors! So another palette that I had purshaced was the "I'm Feeling Retro" Set! This set contains a pretty awesome purple almost like MAC "Star's N' Rockets" and a wonderful deep sea blue. Dont forget that eyebrow highlighter that is a white pearl shimmer! Here are photos of the product! If you want to see the turtorial, check the video out on youtube!

Pretty Amazing - Red Lips!


Reds lips are still in and are like KA-POW! Smoking! But with proper
hair color and look! (We don't want to look like hookers) I found a Lip-Gloss that the name speaks for itself! Pretty Amazing! I got this from EBAY! =P Their is a ebay shop that I fully trust with their products being 100% REAL! Ebay shop name is ebeautyonline. < Chick it! =P

Here are photos of this PRETTY AMAZING lipgloss in the color Strenght!



note: if you buy from ebeautyonline, in the message to seller put Cosmetic Passion and recieve a FREE GIFT!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wet N WIld Cool As A Cucumber Review Trio Set

So lately I have been hearing from bloggers and review-ers that the New Wet N Wild eyeshadow trio sets are AWESOME... So I really had to take a look at this. I went to our walmart (Which is where you can purshace these items, or online) and I picked up quite a few colors that I personally would love and what they also had in stock. Here is my first Review for the Wet N Wild "Cool As A Cucumber" Set! I have to say, first is for a price of $2.95 its kinda fishy to be such a great item... But SEE FOR YOURSELF how amazing these really are!! =P

*This photo was taken from Google Images*

Now here are photos of me wearing the "Cool as A Cucumber" Palette from Wet N' Wild

So I had to get this Trio Set! Here are photos of me wearing this set! The left eye in the picture has a white cream stick base, and the right eye has no base! Check out the Turtorial on youtube!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Classical Scene Look with MAC!

Things you will need:
1. MAC Dark Soul Pigment
2. Cream Stick (White)
3. Black eyeliner
4. MAC Naturally Eccentric  Lipstick

>Step 1: Apply Cream stick Base to your eyelids and smooth out any creases.
>Step 2: Pat on the MAC Dark Soul Pigment and use a blending brush and buff out the edges to soften it up!
>Step 3: Use cream stick in the tear duck of your eyes.
>Step 4: Use a black eyeliner of your choice, I used Mary Kay black eyeliner pencil.
>Step 5: Apply MAC Naturally Eccentric Lip Stick!

         And you are done!

Need a visual turtorial? Click here to watch the video!

MAC Surf Baby Look

So in May MAC came out with a new collection called surf baby! I LOVVVVE it, when I went to my MAC Counter they where already out of some items that Ive wanted (This was the day the collection came out!) Well All I was able to pick up was the Short Shorts eyeshadow, Surf USA eyeshadow, Beach Blonde eyeshadow, and Naturely Encentric Lipstick! Here is the look I got using ALL of the times I have bought!

Here I will show you step by stey how to get this look! =)

First start off and apply your cream white eyeshadow. I used covergirl shadowblast because well I want to get rid of that thing =P But I would use NYX cream eyeshadow stick in Milk or Cottage Cheese!

 Next you apply MAC Beach Blonde eyeshadow (From MAC Surf Baby Collection) in the corner/tear duct of your eye and pull it about 1/4th of the way.

 Now apply MAC Surf USA eyeshadow (From MAC Surf Baby Collection) the rest of the eye which should be about 3/4ths of the way. Once you apply this blend very well and use a crease brush to get the details nice and GREAT! Then apply MAC short shorts (From MAC Surf Baby Collection) underneath your eyebrow!
 Now fix your eyebrows using a eyebrow color that is closest to your eyes, I used a soft black lightly. Then apply some eyeliner to the lower eyelashes. Then apply MAC naturaly Encetric Lipstick (From MAC Surf Baby Collection) WA-LA you are done!

If you would like to see a Review on this item check out the Video. Need a video on the turtorial? Watch the video here!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Flawless Skin Maybelline

So today I will show you guys what I use and now I capture flawless skin that looks like a Barbie Doll! I use only two items from Maybelline New York. Items that I use are Maybelline Dream Matted Mousse and Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse. You can purshaces these items at Walmart or a corner drug store!

I never used a Cream/Liquid foundation for AWHILE (pratically all of the ones Ive tried felt like I was putting a mask on my face!) My friend was like "Omg you have to try this foundation out!" So I did and I'm in love with it. Just like the cover says its a  "Ultra-Hydrating, Cream-Wipped Foundation" It really feels like a nice cooling splash to your face and drys like nothing is there! You can wear this all day and will forget about you ever putting a foundation on! I rate this product 1-5, FIVE STARS! It's amazing! You may just purshace the Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse just to save some extra money, But if you are like me and in the summer time get red spots or dark spots on your face, then getting the Maybelline Dream Matted Mousse is a great primer for ANYTHING you want to cover up, then adding the Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse makes your skin more textured and flawless/smooth finish! During Summer time I use both. In winter I only use the Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse.

Here are the items that I use:
Maybelline Dream Matted Mousse
 Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse
 Here are both items next to each other for the size differences

How to use Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse:
To apply just like how I do, all you need for the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse is your fingers! (Or you may use a makeup sponge or foundation brush.) I use my fingers because it does the job good enough and you dont have to worrie about cleaning a brush later. lol So all you have to do is wipe just a little bit of foundation on your fingers (or other type of applicator you want to use) and put on your "T" area, under eyes on your cheeks, and chin! (A little goes a long way!) Then you buff out and spread out evenly with your fingers in circle motions. Wa-La your base is done!

How t use Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse:
When you open up the top half you will see a makeup sponge where you can apply this foundation to your face. If you dont want to use it you may use anything to your liking. (I use the sponge) Next you will twist of the top and do a light sweep motion grabbing a little bit to your sponge or brush and then apply! (A little goes a long way!) When you apply it, pat the foundation on your face and spread out evenling. This will leave your skin nice and flawless, once the makeup foundation drys (which is fast) you will feel like nothing is on your face! =)

Here is the finish products on my face =)

Hope you all try this out! I know you will not be disappointed!