Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Phyto Professional Fiber Paste Strong Hold

Phyto Professional Fiber Paste

This Professional Fiber Paste provides a Strong fiber elastic paste with a Strong hold to your hair. The structure of a strong gel that flexible to rework your style. From just simply pulling your hair back to a fancy up-do, this paste will keep the hold for hours and leave your hair looking like nothing is in. This paste is a strong gel that when applied to your hair it looks like you didn't apply any products, basically leaving you hair natural! I use this product when I pull my hair back and when I style for some volume and to get those pain in the butt little hairs that wont corporate in styling lol

Where to buy?
I have recieved this product from ebeautyonline off of ebay! Great products! 100% REAL! Free Shipping, and if you purshace from her, you can recieve a FREE gift by leaving a note in the "Message To Seller" box saying "Cosmetic Passion" =)

Should I Buy It?
YES! But only if you know how to work with paste products. This is similuar to a gel hold but different texture to work with. I will say this product is worth buying! You can always play with it to get used to its texture if you are new to paste gel. If you already know how to work with this paste, then this product is wonderful! Hold is amazing and it leaves your hair looking natural!


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