Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Phyto Rx Express - Intense Hydration Kit

Phyto Rx Express -
Intense Hydration Kit

Add the Splash of Hydration back into your dry damage hair plus keeping its color! This 2-part treatment designed to moisturize and soften parched hair while keeping its color in. Phytojoba Shampoo and Mask are infused with plant-based  ingredients that rebuild elasticity, bounce and life back to your hair. Phyto is also providing the shine back into your hair! Great for dry/damage hair. Bottle sizes are about Travel-Size so you can take this prouct on the go! This product has last me about 2 weeks. My hair feels soft and smooth again after the pain undurment my hair had to go through with bleaching and hair color dying =P

Where to buy?
I have recieved this product from ebeautyonline off of ebay! Great products! 100% REAL! Free Shipping, and if you purshace from her, you can recieve a FREE gift by leaving a note in the "Message To Seller" box saying "Cosmetic Passion" =)

Should I Buy It?
YES! If you are like me and dying you hair a lot! I would say this product is for you! This Treatment is amazing and it works! This also kept my color in longer and last awhile!


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