Tuesday, July 19, 2011

MAC Collection

So first off I do want to apologize for not posting as much stuff as I normally have been doing. My boyfriend and I just got a house and we have to have it ready to move in by the end of next week! >.< Need to say this house has been vacant for 15 years and its sooooo old and out dated/nasty. Major fixing a repairs. Sadly the hole house will not be done by the time we move it but at least the "import stuff" will be done =P (Bathroom, Living Room, Bedroom, and half the kitchen) So anyways, I just posted videos of my MAC Collection Ill put the links below here for you to check them out! I did these videos because someone had asked me to post what I have already so when I get new collections or new palletes or anything I can show you guys and then that way you already know what I have! =) Pretty smart of her. I just dont want no one complaining. I bought this with my own money and Ive saved for this for awhile! Thank You!

Here is the video for my MAC Palette Eyeshadow:

Here is the video for my MAC brushes, lipsticks, eyeliners, and lipglosses:

Here is the video fo rmy MAC eyeshadows in the pot's:

I will have the video up soon about my pigments, their was a error uploading them so I have to remake the video. But once it is posted I'll put it here! =)

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