Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sorry for Late Delay!

Hello! I just want to say sorry I haven't been paying much attention to this blog. My boyfriend and I just got house and we are doing MAJOR repairs! No one has lived in it for 15 years, so it has the cool old retro carpet =P But most funny thing in the house was the wall paper! Two bedroom has the pretty princess wall paper and the other bedroom had like christmas tree wall paper.. weird! lol The master bedroom was just plain wall paper, booo haha jk jk. But anywho this house needs a lot of love! Its getting torn down to cement, walls, bathrooms redone! OMG speaking of bathroom! One bathroom which is a 3/4 bath was orange and red tile! No joke! haha The bathroom in the "kids bedrooms" is literally pink and purple! haha Ok so before I babble off on sooo much horror of this house, Ill end it up with a sorry! Things are going back up in the swing of time! =D 

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