Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Classical Scene Look with MAC!

Things you will need:
1. MAC Dark Soul Pigment
2. Cream Stick (White)
3. Black eyeliner
4. MAC Naturally Eccentric  Lipstick

>Step 1: Apply Cream stick Base to your eyelids and smooth out any creases.
>Step 2: Pat on the MAC Dark Soul Pigment and use a blending brush and buff out the edges to soften it up!
>Step 3: Use cream stick in the tear duck of your eyes.
>Step 4: Use a black eyeliner of your choice, I used Mary Kay black eyeliner pencil.
>Step 5: Apply MAC Naturally Eccentric Lip Stick!

         And you are done!

Need a visual turtorial? Click here to watch the video!

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