Wednesday, August 10, 2011



Ok so, I want to apologize their HASNT been any postings =/ I've really actually hated my my blog because I want to provide the best pictures and quailty for you all to see for yourself and with the camera I have, it does no justices... BUT good news! I've been saving for a new camera, and yesterday I bought online a Nikon D5000. I heard this is the BEST! =P I love photography and I thought shoot... I might as well get the best anyways. So with this said, product photos and reviews will become a lot better and funner to look at then a boring picture. I will do my best to take good photos once my camera comes in the mail.

Future, I plan on getting a Table Top Studio for product photos, with the corrective lighting and everything. You guys have been wonderful! I do apologize I should have let you know about my plans eariler, BUT videos are still uploading pratically everyday =P

Thank You so much!
Krystal! <3

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